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MTA Refrigerated Air Dryers


Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers and Refrigerated Air Dryers

NON-CYCLING (DRY POWER - MG)700 -5,600 SCFM DryPower


DryPower features a modular design whereby multiple heat exchangers ensure optimum performance throughout its broad capacity range. The highly efficient DRYMODULE exchangers allow lowest dew point levels in all conditions with minimum energy consumptions. This non-cycling refrigerated air dryer's extreme compact packaged design simplifies positioning and maintenance. The sophisticated microprocessor technology and scroll compressors offer the user the most advanced technical solutions.

  • Easily removable panels for quick access.
  • Extremely compact dimensions (pre-cooler re-heater, evaporator and demister housingin single aluminium module.
  • Refrigeration & control circuits in front of unit (separate compartment).
  • Multiple heat exchangers in unit rear.
  • Oversized demister separator: removes condensate at all air flows.

Scroll Compressor

Scroll Compressor

Precooler-Reheater, Evaporator and Demister


Advanced Microprocessor

Advanced MicroprocessorAdvanced Microprocessor Display

Digital display of:

  • Dew point (permanent)
  • Air inlet temperature (permanent)
  • Air outlet temperature
  • Multi level menus with multiple password protection allowing extensive programming
  • Condensate drain programming
  • Volt free general alarm contact

Refrigerated Air Dryers

MTA introduces Hybrid drying technology by combining two drying processes into a single dryer, direct exchange and thermal storage operation; the result is the very lowest energy consumptions.

DE Hybrid: 2 dryers in 1, much more than twice the benefits.

  • 20,2000 / SCFM Capacity
  • Easy to Use & Maintain

DE Hybrid

DE Hybrid

  • R134A refrigerant offers high overload capacities.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Operation in high ambient of 115°F, 110°F for DE1600/2000.
  • Lowest dew point provided by thermal storage acts as a buffer covering sudden load variations.
  • Stainless steel demister removes condensed moisture at all air flows.
  • Environmentally safe - no risk of cross contamination between refrigerant and compressed
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