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Champion Nitrogen Generators

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NA4-60 NA6-3P


Champion Nitrogen Tire Inflation System
Better Tire Pressure : Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen; which means that it takes less time to lose presssure:
Proper inflated tires provide better miles per gallon
Tires inflated with nitrogen retain the optimum designed and runs cooler that tire inflated with compressed air
Nitrogen provides more reliable pressure for reduced blowout potential
Nitrogen Purity 95-99.9%
The Model NA4-60 is a perfect solution for medium duty passenger and light truck shops.
The Model NA7-80 is the best valve when you consider cost per scfm output of nitrogen
The Model NA14-80 is the most popular nitrogen generator for commercial truck tire applications - inflates an average truck tire in less then three minutes
The Model NA21 is the largest generator - producing more nitrogen per hour than any other standard system - high valume applications

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